New Favorite TV Show: Portlandia

This is it.

Thanks to a recommendation from my Aunt Ellen, I’ve found my new favorite TV show:

Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Portland, Oregon, Lorne Michaels

An Independent Film Channel original series from executive producer Lorne Michaels, Portlandia is a hilarious satire about all things Portland, Oregon. The show’s stars, Carrie Brownstein and SNL’s Fred Armisen, are a fantastically comedic duo.

Here is the very first scene:

The wheat-germy, hippie-ish environs of Portland are filled with vegans, bicycling hipsters, and feminists and Portlandia embraces and completely makes fun of them at the same time.

Portlandia is sketch comedy at its finest. In the first episode, there is a bit about the Sherlock Homies, an adult Hide-and-Seek team that meets for tournaments in the public library.

In episode two, there is a couple whose answer to every craft need is to “put aPortlandia bird on it!” The couple travels to a local gift shop and decides to jazz up bland tote bags, pillows and teapots by putting bird cutouts on them. (I know that anyone who’s ever been inside ShopSCAD in Savannah will totally identify with this sketch). Then, somehow, a real bird–or should I say a hawk–gets inside the shop and fucking destroys everything; all the while the couple screams things like “EW!” and “I’M ALLERGIC!”

Portlandia, customers onlyPortlandia has a slew of guest stars such as Jason Sudeikis, Sarah MacLachlan and Heather Graham and my personal favorite, Steve Buscemi.

I also found it really cool that the actual mayor of Portland, Sam Adams (actual name), appeared on the show as the assistant to the fictional mayor.

The worst part about the show? There are only six episodes in the first season. Fortunately a second season of 10 episodes is scheduled to air in January 2012.

If, like me, you do not get the IFC channel because you are broke, you can watch episodes of Portlandia online.

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