Wedding Dance!

This past weekend I went to two weddings.  The first wedding was for two friends of mine that I went to high school with, Carissa and D-Rob (short for Daniel Robert).  Since Oz was a groomsman in the wedding, I had the inside scoop on what would go down during the ceremony:

(Unfortunately, the video got cut off, but Oz did a cartwheel and an air split during the intro.)

The bride decided that they would dance down the aisle just like the really famous YouTube video that was parodied on a recent episode of “The Office.” Only they didn’t use the same song, they used Jay Sean’s “Down,” which I think was a good choice.

The reception was fun, it was like a mini high school reunion. There was an open bar (FYI: Seagram’s grape vodka and Sprite taste just like a Pixie stick), a photo booth, and a crazy DJ that looked exactly like Doc Brown from “Back to the Future.” We danced all night and a good time was had by all.