You’re fired.

This past Tuesday I went into work only to be met with a paycheck and the phrase, “Don’t bother clocking in.” Apparently I was fired because I wasn’t available to work the hours I was scheduled. Which, of course is total bullshit. I told the owners the week I was hired that I wouldn’t be available Halloween weekend because I had two weddings to go to out of town. Halloween was the day of their not-so-Grand Opening, and they, without voicing this to me, needed me to work that day.

My question is, why did they even hire me if they knew they were just going to fire me three weeks later? Morons.

At least I got a $270 paycheck out of the deal.

(If you’re curious where I worked, how about you do me a favor and don’t become a fan of them on Facebook. Or give them any of your money. Ever.)


Sorry for ranting.

Want to see something hilarious?

I received two consecutive picture messages on my phone today and this is what they contained:



This is my boyfriend Oz, standing in the Frederick’s of Hollywood dressing room, and this is his Halloween costume this year, Naughty Nurse. Last year it was Sexy Police Officer and with each year there seems to be less and less clothing involved. What will I do? Wear scrubs and go as the doctor, of course!

We got a picture of Oz with some actual cops at the street party last year:

OZ-COPSThey were uncomfortable to say the least.