This explains a lot.

Palm Bay's Drinking problem

Yes. The city you see listed on the number two spot for the drinkinest cities in the country is good old Palm Bay, my hometown. I was tagged in this picture on Facebook along with about 40 other people and the comments explain oh-so-much about why this is true.  Take Stephanie’s comment for example:

“Hahahaha that’s amazing LOL were the shit were the ones responsible for that title and I couldn’t be prouder haha”

This explains a lot. Most people agreed that because Palm Bay-Melbourne is so boring (i.e. Melboring), people just drink for something fun to do. Back in high school that was definitely the case. Whether it was at the barn, Krassner, the compound, or the beach, we always found a place to party.  There were even people who made their own silk-screened “Palm Bay Drinking Team” T-shirts in Comm Tech class.

There even exists a list of fun facts compiled about Palm Bay. More to come.

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