What I’m listening to

I’ve been working on this painting of my aunt and her fiance Barry for about four months now. Their wedding is on November 1, and I need to have it done by at least mid-October for it to be dry enough to mail to Baltimore in time. So I’ve been painting here and there (photos to come) and what’s been helping me the most is this 65 song playlist that I’ve made on iTunes. It’s full of wonderful crooning and slow, repetitive, intense guitar. It makes me happy, so I’ve decided to share some of it with you:

Shadow on the sun – Audioslave

Overkill (Acoustic version) – Colin Hay

Colorblind – The Counting Crows

Summer’s almost gone – The Doors

Box of rain – The Grateful Dead

Hurt – Johnny Cash

Thirteen – Danzig

3 Libras – A Perfect Circle

Speak to me – Pink Floyd

To be alone with you – Sufjan Stevens

I love talking about music. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re listening to.

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