What I’m listening to

1987: Dad at 17 years old with me

I’ve always been a playlist kind of person. I believe that music can completely affect the mood you’re in and even save your life. My dad says that every morning, before he wakes up and starts thinking about all the shit he has to do that day, he puts on a CD and cranks it as loud as the Bose will go.  He says that he has all of the mixes I’ve made since the summer of 2005. Hearing that inspired me to make a new CD for him. I titled it “Sunshine of Your Love”. Here are the tracks:

America – Simon and Garfunkel

Overkill (Acoustic version) – Colin Hay

Blossom – Candlebox

Lucky Trumble – Nancy Wilson (from the Almost Famous soundtrack)

Thank You – Led Zeppelin

Lakeside Park – Rush

Around the Bend – Pearl Jam

Father and Daughter – Paul Simon

Wet Sand – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sunshine of Your Love – Cream

Box of Rain – The Grateful Dead

Lightning Crashes – Live

Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Us and Them – Pink Floyd

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones

Rivers of Babylon – Sublime

1988: Dad and Sarah

What I’m listening to

I’ve been working on this painting of my aunt and her fiance Barry for about four months now. Their wedding is on November 1, and I need to have it done by at least mid-October for it to be dry enough to mail to Baltimore in time. So I’ve been painting here and there (photos to come) and what’s been helping me the most is this 65 song playlist that I’ve made on iTunes. It’s full of wonderful crooning and slow, repetitive, intense guitar. It makes me happy, so I’ve decided to share some of it with you:

Shadow on the sun – Audioslave

Overkill (Acoustic version) – Colin Hay

Colorblind – The Counting Crows

Summer’s almost gone – The Doors

Box of rain – The Grateful Dead

Hurt – Johnny Cash

Thirteen – Danzig

3 Libras – A Perfect Circle

Speak to me – Pink Floyd

To be alone with you – Sufjan Stevens

I love talking about music. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re listening to.

Friedsnickers, you ask?

It took me forever to come up with a URL for this blog.

I really wanted it to be “scarletbegonias” named after the Grateful Dead and Sublime songs, but there’s a Deadhead librarian in Norwich, Vermont who’s already got it. Props to you. I then went on to think of other songs that I love, like Tangerine by Led Zeppelin, but alas, it was also taken. I went through a number of other song titles and they were all taken, so I decided to type in the first random thing that came to mind: friedsnickers.

And then, before God and the entire WordPress community, it was born.

Yes, you read it right: fried snickers. The delicious treat that you get at fairs and carnivals that looks suspiciously like a deep fried turd.