Derby Memories

Going to see “Whip It” last night was really exciting for me because it brought back a lot of memories of when I was on the Space Coast Slashers back in 2007. I had so much fun skating with those girls, and I fully plan to join again when I move back to Florida this summer. Here are a few pictures:

This was taken by Florida Today at our first bout in Jacksonville. That's me: Diablo Picasso

This was taken by Florida Today at our first bout in Jacksonville. That's me: Diablo Picasso, number 1-8-7

About to kick some ass

About to kick some ass

This was our jammer: Holly Hacksaw

This was one of our jammers: Holly Hacksaw

Sweet fishnet burn. That track hurts!

Sweet fishnet burn.

The Space Coast Slashers

The Space Coast Slashers

Those truly were better times. I miss those girls!

Where the Dysfunctional Puppets Are

I did not like “Where the Wild Things Are.” I didn’t like it one bit. Aside from having a relatively thin plot, the movie left me feeling depressed and that the last two hours of my life were wasted. Every moment of the movie was filled with discomfort and awkwardness.

Will I read this book to my kids? Absolutely.

Will I ever watch this movie again? Not a chance in hell.

My thoughts on the subject

I’ve been talking with quite a few people lately about “Where the Wild Things Are,” and I have drawn a conclusion. I’ve found that people who’d never read the book as a child, or had it read to them as the case may be, have trouble reading it for the first time as adults. They just don’t understand it. Reading it as an adult, you might just see a bratty little kid whom things always work out for.  But I think part of the magic of this book is having it read to you while you are mesmerized by the illustrations. Being young allows you to escape into the book and pretend that you are in the make-believe land with Max.

Whether you are a first timer, or have loved the book your whole life, seeing the movie will definitely allow you to escape into that dreamland that we all long for.

I have a crush on Woody Harrelson.

From “Natural Born Killers” to “No Country for Old Men” to his newest, “Zombieland,” he always plays a total badass with no remorse. But at the same time, he has a soft sensitive side that he doesn’t let people see that often. Sorry for getting all school-girl mushy on you guys, but you have to admit that in that cowboy hat and tight jeans, he’s pretty damn sexy.

Oh by the way, I Googled Woody Harrelson and this is what came up:

Enjoy your nightmares.

Star Trek

Finally got around to seeing the new “Star Trek” movie tonight. I’m not a huge science fiction person, so a lot of it was over my head, but I still  enjoyed it. What I thought was really weird was seeing Eric Bana play the bad guy when I had just seen him play a softy in “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Weird right? And then there was Simon Pegg who played Scotty, but will always be Shaun of the Dead in my book. Now there’s a movie.

Sunshine Cleaning

If you want to laugh, cry and be thoroughly grossed out all in the space of 91 minutes, “Sunshine Cleaning” is the movie for you. It’s a very realistic slice-of-life kind of film that takes place in Albuquerque, N.M.

The houses they have to clean are decorated in ‘70s fashions, are depressing, smell awful, and are filled with things like maggot-infested trash and old, used cat litter boxes. Because this is a movie about cleaning up crime scenes, the really nasty parts are to be expected, but what you don’t expect is Rose’s bright optimism throughout the movie.

At one point, Rose gets a phone call about cleaning up a suicide and she announces it to her sister and son with a smile.

There are a few cliché parts in the movie, for example Rose gives Norah the “when are you going to grow up” speech that I’ve heard in countless other movies. However, the rest of the script is solid and the acting more than makes up for it.

It’s definitely worth the $4 movie rental and if you’re into dark comedies, I’d add it to the DVD collection.