Blood, Sweat and Ink

For anyone who will be in Melbourne, FL this Saturday Nov. 21, please come check out Blood, Sweat and Ink at SLOW Gallery downtown. The show will feature the fine art of tattoo artists from Ink Doktors, Studio XIII, Old Ghost Tattoo, Endless Summer, and many more.

Should be a good time!

Random Quotes

Yesterday was a good day for random funny quotes in class:

  • “The tight pants makes the blood go to your head.” – Daniel C. on skinny jeans
  • “I hate tomatoes. They’re like boogers.” – Margaret U.
  • “Two vaginas? Way better than a tail! – Rachael S. on Lauren Williams
  • “After you have a colectomy, you have a semicolon.” – James Lough

And another gem from Dr. Lough from Oct. 26:

  • “The best thing I ever did was have a vasectomy.”