Virgin Vicki

This is a guy we saw on Duval Street on our Summer 2008 Key West trip. He may possibly be homeless and/or have several venereal diseases. His cut-off T-shirt said “Tight like a virgin” and, as you can see, he is a fantastic dancer.

More ranting, anyone?

Since the beginning of the summer, I’ve been compiling a list of things that I absolutely hate. They are mostly social faux pas, but some do relate to Web writing. Here they are, for you reading pleasure:

  • Conversate. According to Jesse Sheidlower, editor of the OED, it is a word. Much to my dismay. Using it, however, will not make you sound smart, it will only make you sound like a fool.
  • Using the word literally too much or in the wrong context. This summer, my cousin and her Auburn Greek-life friends said the word no less than 87,000 times. Literally. If you hate it as much as I do, check out this blog that tracks the use of the word.
  • When people type “prolly” instead of “probably” in their text messages and/or on Facebook.
  • When people (girls are especially notorious for this) draw out the last letter of their words on Facebook. For example, “Pleaseeeee.” That is read as “please-y.” If you want to be whiny and annoying, pleeaase do it correctly.
  • Air quotes.
  • This is unrelated, but I can’t stand it when I’m driving and the person in front of me does the stop-and-turn. It enrages me.

For more, check out

So that’s about it for now. More hateful ranting to come. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and we can prolly conversate about it.