New classics on SNL

My knowledge of newer SNL episodes is pretty limited, but I really like Kristen Wiig. Her compulsive liar character, Penelope is excellent.

She’s also hilarious on the Lawrence Welk Show clip. (Note: this one starts out a little slow but keep watching, it’s good.)

Some others that I remember being pretty funny are:

The art dealers, Nuni and Nuni.

Peyton Manning for the United Way.

Celebrity Jeopardy

This is another classic Saturday Night Live clip. It features:

  • Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek
  • Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery
  • Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds
  • Jimmy Fallon as French Stewart (the guy from “Third Rock from the Sun”)

I love that one of the Jeopardy categories is “Movies that start with the word ‘Jaws.'” Classic.