The Innocents

A few weeks ago, we watched a movie called The Innocents in our World Masterpieces class. It was filmed in 1961 in black and white and was the most disturbing movie I’ve seen in years.

The Innocents is about a British woman who accepts the job as a governess for two children. She moves in with them and things start to go awry.

I have yet to see Children of the Corn, but for me, this movie features the creepiest children ever recorded on film.

Flora, The Innocents

This is Flora. There always happens to be awesomely spooky music playing while she tilts her head and smiles. This usually signals some kind of ominous foreshadowing. She also sings a lot in this movie. To me, the sound of children singing might possibly be the worst thing in the world.

Miles, The Innocents

Yeah, that’s right.

My thoughts on Drew Barrymore

I used to think that I hated Drew Barrymore because of Charlie’s Angels,  her stupid palsy face, and for doing stuff like this:

I still kind of hate her, but after having a recent discussion with my friends, I’ve come to the startling realization that I may like Drew Barrymore. I know, it makes me cringe too, but let me explain:

  1. I loved “Ever After.” It’s a beautiful dream-like movie that I used to watch over and over when I was younger.
  2. I may be the only person in world who actually watched, let alone liked the movie “Never Been Kissed.”
  3. I absolutely love “The Wedding Singer.” It is one of my favorite pseudo ’80s movies of all time. It’s one of those movies that, if it’s on, I’ll drop everything to watch.
  4. “Donnie Darko”
  5. “Whip It” was actually not that bad either. If you can get over the awfulness of Ellen Page (which some people can’t) it’s worth it. Maybe I just liked it because of the roller derby factor, who knows?

In any account, I felt it was necessary to share my feelings on the subject.


Celebrity Jeopardy

This is another classic Saturday Night Live clip. It features:

  • Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek
  • Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery
  • Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds
  • Jimmy Fallon as French Stewart (the guy from “Third Rock from the Sun”)

I love that one of the Jeopardy categories is “Movies that start with the word ‘Jaws.'” Classic.