Art Review of Rene Magritte: Something’s Not Quite Right

I’ve always been fascinated by the strange and subversive, so when I began to learn about Surrealism in art school, I was hooked. I pored over Dali paintings, spent a semester studying Frida Kahlo and fell in love with the beautifully executed, yet off-kilter work of Rene Magritte.

Rene Magritte (1898-1967) was a Belgian surrealist painter who explored the concept of the untrustworthiness of images. His work constantly pushes you to think, what am I really looking at? “The Treachery of Images,” one of Magritte’s most famous pieces, depicts a pipe, with the words “This is not a pipe.” The point here is that it’s not a pipe, it’s the image of a pipe.

surrealist painting, magritte, rene magritte, this is not a pipe
“The Treachery of Images”

Magritte Exhibit at the SFMoMA (May 19 – October 28, 2018)

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Rene Magritte exhibit, which contained 77 of the surrealist master’s original paintings and drawings. I also opted for the audio tour, which contained commentary from the museum’s curators, people who were close to Magritte, and even famous artists like Jeff Koons.

The following is an amalgam of direct quotes and paraphrasing from the exhibit and audio tour, along with my own thoughts, reflections and commentary.  Continue reading “Art Review of Rene Magritte: Something’s Not Quite Right”

Art Updates: 2012 Show Recap & News

Moving to Atlanta, I knew that there would be more opportunities in the art world, and after a year and a half, I’ve finally started to find my footing. Fall is always the busiest time for art shows and events and this year I found myself caught up in a few of them.

The first was the Forget Me Not Tonight Art Show & Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research which was September 15 at Sound Table.

Forget Me Not Tonight Poster Continue reading “Art Updates: 2012 Show Recap & News”

A “regular” artist

I did a little painting over the winter break.

5x5" Oil on canvas

I painted this lily for Oz’s sister and her husband. These flowers were in her bouquet at her wedding.

5x5" Oil on canvas

This one was for my Florida grandparents.

15x30" Oil on canvas

This was for Oz’s parents. His mom has tons of family in Nova Scotia and Peggy’s Cove is one of their favorite places. I applied the paint with a palette knife.

And these are just a few pages from my old sketchbook.

I’m pretty sure the top left is Bill Maher. I was messing around with caricature at the time.

"Inventing the Internet"

These are some musings that I dug up from the depths of my hard drive. I’d completely forgotten about them, and I thought I’d just share them. In Writing for the Arts II, Lough asked us if we considered ourselves artists, and it made me think that we should all consider ourselves artists: writers or otherwise.