A “regular” artist

I did a little painting over the winter break.

5x5" Oil on canvas

I painted this lily for Oz’s sister and her husband. These flowers were in her bouquet at her wedding.

5x5" Oil on canvas

This one was for my Florida grandparents.

15x30" Oil on canvas

This was for Oz’s parents. His mom has tons of family in Nova Scotia and Peggy’s Cove is one of their favorite places. I applied the paint with a palette knife.

And these are just a few pages from my old sketchbook.

I’m pretty sure the top left is Bill Maher. I was messing around with caricature at the time.

"Inventing the Internet"

These are some musings that I dug up from the depths of my hard drive. I’d completely forgotten about them, and I thought I’d just share them. In Writing for the Arts II, Lough asked us if we considered ourselves artists, and it made me think that we should all consider ourselves artists: writers or otherwise.

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