The Fall Update: Slacktober, Root Canals and Yes, More Paula Deen

Feeling pretty guilty about not posting anything since August. However, when I write 10-12 of these suckers (blog posts) a day at work it’s kind of hard to muster up the energy to get back on the computer when I get home. Most days I come home and send hateful thoughts and glances to my computer sitting innocently unused on my desk. When you work in social media, you tend to become resentful of the things that used to bring you enjoyment.

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My thoughts on Paula Deen

This woman absolutely terrifies me.

I think she might be the devil.

A neighbor of mine back home, a real old Southern woman named Shirley, always asks me to get P.Deen’s autograph for her. But I’m scared. I think she would smile, rip my face off, fry it in butter until golden brown, then sprinkle powdered sugar on it and serve it to an unassuming audience member.