The True Form of Paula Deen

Thanks to a link on Facebook posted by my old SCAD buddy, Josh Buckner, I have found another tool that my archnemesis is using to woo innocent people into her clutches.

Those who know me know of my long-standing fear and loathing of the she-devil that is Paula Deen.

Paula Deen evil

And now she has surpassed the world of food and is moving on to home furnishings. We all knew it was a matter of time before she spread her evil wings. The website for her new business venture, simply called looks a little something like this:

Paula Deen Mattress
Mattress in the yard: now that’s “Suthern Livin'”.

I envision her flopping onto the Serta Ultra Cushion Top mattress, and before she can make some trademark comment about sleeping on butter, the mattress accidentally floats out to sea. She falls off the mattress and once the salt water touches her skin, she reverts back to her natural form:

Paula Deen Ursula, Paula Deen looks like Ursula

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