What about the boat times?

Oz’s newest tattoo makes me really happy.

Normally his tattoos involve death and destruction, but this is a funny one. When it’s finished, it’s going to be a color portrait of Old Gregg from the Mighty Boosh with a bottle of Bailey’s next to it pouring out the phrase, “What about the boat times?” I love it!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Do yourself a favor and watch this video:

Still thinking to yourself, what the fuck? That’s O.K., I did the same thing after watching Old Gregg for the first time. Trust me, give it another chance and you’re sure to be quoting it soon. In any case you’ll never think of a mangina the same way again.

Blood, Sweat and Ink

For anyone who will be in Melbourne, FL this Saturday Nov. 21, please come check out Blood, Sweat and Ink at SLOW Gallery downtown. The show will feature the fine art of tattoo artists from Ink Doktors, Studio XIII, Old Ghost Tattoo, Endless Summer, and many more.

Should be a good time!


My new favorite Web site is a spin-off of Lolcats, called Loltatz. It’s a collection of really bad and really funny tattoos. Some of the pictures are kind of raunchy, but for the most part they’re good.

This one's for you, Beth.

I think the Web site would do better with out the “fail” commentary, though. The tattoos speak for themselves.

Does. Not. Want.

Thomas Kinkade's "Nascar Thunder" borrowed from Squidoo.com

Thomas Kinkade and NASCAR. What more could you ever really want in life? Is it possible to say that someone who only paints heart-warming, snow-covered cottages and glowing lamposts has sold out? I’m sure that most Americans (namely the ones in City Market) will look at this painting and think, “Americuh . . . Fuck Yeah,” but when I look at it, all I can ask myself is where is Ricky Bobby?