SNL 101

Saturday Night Live is dying. It’s dying a slow, horrible death and we all know it. We watch it for Andy Samberg’s digital shorts, that’s it.

That is why I’m introducing a new segment on this blog entitled SNL 101. This is where I will post videos of old Saturday Night Live segments that I think everyone should know and love as much as I do. If you’ve already seen these videos, I will not apologize, but rather commend you for your superior knowledge of the show.

Lesson 1: Chris Farley as Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker.

Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze auditioning for Chippendales. (I apologize for the poor quality.)

The French Fry skit

One thought on “SNL 101

  1. Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking for years. I only watch it for the Sanberg films and if Justin Timberlake is hosting. That dude is hilarious. I say we petition Lorne Michaels to finally let it die a noble and heroic death. We won’t hate him for that.

    It’s had a good thirty two year run. Shouldn’t we put it out of it’s misery?

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